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Consultation Services

--Worried about your kid's behavior?
--Puzzled over how to talk about the divorce?
--Uncertain about what are the best choices?
--Need an unbiased opinion?
--Want insight into what are red flag behaviors?


Over the last twenty years we have worked with hundreds of families across the country to help them through the divorce process. Our focus has been to help parents understand their children's point of view with a view to maintaining strong parent-child relationships with both fathers and mothers.

For more than two decades, as developmental pediatricians, we have helped parents in all fifty states and many countries abroad find ways to solve specific problems and to prevent others from occurring. Their questions have ranged from concerns about sleep or discipline to specific questions on what to tell children at the time of the separation, the best schedule to provide maximum time with each parent, how to address a change of living arrangements, when and how to introduce a significant romantic interest, etc.

We see many people in person, but most of our work is done over the telephone.

Please contact us if you would like a personal consultation or wish to arrange a presentation. Most of the consultations require 1-3 hours over a few days to weeks. There is a fee involved for these services and we will provide you with billing information which allows for insurance reimbursement on the consultations if you have appropriate coverage.

Bill Sammons & Jenny Lewis

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